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Water Treatment Equipments / Systems

We specialize in manufacturing Water Treatment Equipment / Systems that is specially designed for applications where pure and hygienic water is required. These systems use advanced technology to purify water by eliminating suspended solids. Offered at reasonable price, our range is energy efficient, durable and requires less maintenance.

Micro Filtration Equipment / Systems

Micro Filtration Equipment/ System are the cost effective choice for the treatment of water in industries. It completely removes various impurities like dust, microbial organisms, salt, oil and virus from the water. The system is quite easy to install as it does not require flash mixers, chemical pre-feed equipment, flocculators and filter basins.

  • Flexible speed regulation
  • Food grade materials
  • Equipped with all the safety systems
  • Excellent purification technology
  • Skid-mounted and factory assembled
  • Tubular membranes used are designed for sustaining very high solids loadings
  • Membranes are abrasive, non-plugging and chlorine resistant
  • Tubular design
  • Easy to operate
  • Filtration, backwashing and cleaning operations are automatic

  • Fruit juices and wine industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Brewing industry
  • Enzymes industry
  • Oil & petrochemical industry

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Ultra Filtration Equipment / Systems

Our Ultra Filtration Equipment / System completely remove all the suspended solids and organic impurities from different water streams. This system performs the pre treatment process for RO systems. Operating on the principle of cross flow motion of water, the Ultra filtration equipments ensure high filtration rate.

  • Robust design
  • Remove suspended solids and organic impurities from water stream
  • Superior protection of downstream equipment
  • Reduced fouling
  • Extended equipment life
  • The membranes used provide a verifiable and physical barrier to remove suspended solids
  • Consistent quality irrespective of the feed water conditions
  • High filtration rate
  • Use of cross flow motion of water
  • Lower operating cost
  • Use of fewer chemicals with less waste
  • Unlike conventional filtration equipment, water flows parallel to membrane surface in this
  • Pretreatment for RO

  • Food industry
  • PMetal industry
  • Chemical industry

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Filtration Equipment / Systems

Our wide range of Filtration Equipment/ Systems is very beneficial, as it produces pure water. Capable of removing all the impurities from water, the equipments and systems generates high filtration efficiency. In the equipments, there are sand separators for the removal of silt & sand from the water and media filters for the removal of organic impurities.

  • Incorporated with special stainless steel alloy elements
  • Provision of self cleaning system
  • Economical

  • Produce pure and hygienic water
  • Constructed with special stainless steel alloy elements
  • Self cleaning system
  • Economical
  • Low operational cost
  • Maximum filtration efficiency

  • Maximum filtration efficiency
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Edible oil industries
  • Fertilizer industries
  • Petroleum industries
  • Mining industries

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Activated Carbon Filters

Activated Carbon Filters used in the water treamtent process is capable of purifiying water by removing contaminants and impurities. Highly efficiency in operation, these filters can save maximum percentage of water used for different purposes. These activated carbon filters remove both organic and inorganic contaminants from the surface and process water, groundwater, wastewater and air/vapor streams. 

  • Improves taste and minimizes hazards
  • Protects water treatment from damage due to oxidation or organic fouling
  • It adds nothing detrimental to the treated water
  • Works on the principle of catalytic reduction and adsorption
  • Remove suspended particles, odor, turbidity, iron and color in the raw water
  • Remove both organic and inroganic contaminants from water
  • Optimum carbon utilization

  • Home water purification system
  • Waste water treatment plants

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Chlorine Dosing Systems

Cjhlorine Dosing Systems are used in chlorination of water in the treatment process. There is a sludge drain attached at the bottom of the dosing system that is used for the dosing of bleavihng powder solution and handling of slurry mix.

  • Operates completely under vacuum and is therefore inherently safe
  • Minimised chemical consumption
  • Chlorine is simple to dose and very efficient as a disinfectant
  • Durable quality
  • Accurate doszing with minum chemical wastage

  • Dairy indsutry
  • Hotels
  • Breweries
  • Chemcial industry
  • Off- shore rigs
  • Hospitals

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Multigrade / Dual Media Filters

The Multigrade / Dual Media Filters are the most cost effective and relaible option for eliminating the dissolved impurities such as mud, dirt and rust from the feed water. These filters comprises of multiple thick layers coarse anthracite ans sand for excellent rate of filtration. This ype of filter is also suitable for removing turbitidy, color and odor from the water making it fit for any application.

  • Fine sand used improves the filtrate quality
  • Higher surface holding capacity
  • High filteration rate
  • Removes turbidity from water
  • Comprises of multiple layer of sand different in sizes and specific gravities
  • Low pressure drop
  • High specific velocity
  • Raw water can be used for backwashing the filter

  • Side stream filtration of cooling water
  • Portable water treatmtent
  • Filtration of clarified water
  • Sea water filtration
  • Filtration of chemical solutions

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Ultra Violet Disinfection Systems

Innovative Water Technolgies presents the best Ultraviolet Disinfection System for the water treatment process. It is considered as the effective & reliable method for inactivating the waterborne pathogens and viruses. As compared to traditional chemical disinfectants, the UV systems are safe and easy to operate and do not inject any taste or odor into the water.

  • Energy efficient
  • Safe to use
  • No effect on the pH, color and taste of the water
  • Short cycle times
  • Excellent quality of UV lamps used
  • Radiation spectrum attacks waterborne pathogens for pure quality
  • Optimal hydraulics
  • Low pressue loss
  • Unlike other disinfectants, UV rays are not detrimental to health and the environment
  • No by- prodcuts

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Swimming pools
  • Drinking water filtration
  • Off- shore industry
  • Filtration of chemical solutions

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